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ACSEP Conference 2023

In November, we embarked on a journey from the UK to Wellington for the very first time, and despite the longggg journey, we arrived feeling super pumped for #ACSEPxSMNZ2023.
It’s always a special time for us because we’ve been working with ACSEP for 10 years, developing their online education, conference branding, collateral, and so much more. It’s crazy to think that even when we’re on the other side of the world, we can still find a bit of home in Australasia. We had a blast catching up with some of our WLS clients, including Jon Drezner, who was the ACSEP keynote, Peter Brukner, Rachel Harris, Hamish Reid, Adam Castricum, Louise Tulloh, Jeni Saunders, and Dr. David Humphries, to name just a few.
Excitingly, next year’s ACSEP conference will be held in partnership with Sports Medicine Australia at the iconic MCG in Melbourne in October 2025. We’ll definitely be there, and we hope to see you there too.

Sports Medicine Australia (SMA)
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